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It is certainly heartening to see that some councils are starting to realise that this is a multimillion pound industry that is worth their while using the powers they have to stop it.  Although they will be driven by reasons such as tax evasion, license evasion etc rather than animal welfare, it will lead to the same result, preventing people looking to make quick, easy money on the back of animal neglect and cruelty. 

If more councils were to look seriously at the issues surrounding the puppy industry, they would soon realise that there are many people who break laws and regulations, from not having a breeding license to illegally importing dogs/puppies.

Just our own thoughts regarding 'always get a dog from a rescue' that always crops up; no dog sitting in rescue centres or council pounds will have come from a responsible breeder. 

A responsible breeder will always take their pups/dogs back at any point for any reason, they do not need to be sent to rescue centres, abandoned or end up in council pounds. 

Each dog deserves a home, but please remember where they come from, responsible rescue centres take on the responsibility that the breeders should have done.

Stop irresponsible breeders, stop the need for rescue.

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