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The charity is run by husband and wife team David and Heidi Anderson, with support from Tina Chapman and Kathleen Cottingham.

David Anderson

David has over 30 years experience working with all breeds of dogs, from Great Dane to Chihuahua and everything in between.

Throughout his career, David has shown, worked, bred (responsibly), imported (responsibly) and competed in IPO with the Dobermann for around forty years now and is synonymous with the Chancepixies Dobermann, he is also a Championship show Judge and has fulfilled judging appointments for the KC and the FCI.

Heidi Anderson

Heidi first became involved in Chancepixies in 2005 and was the head of rehoming for 2 years, within that time the then not for profit rehomed over 800 dogs and reunited very much the same number with their relieved owners.   Heidi is passionate about the care and welfare of all animals and is experienced in small animal, canine and equine husbandry. She also takes care of much of the day to day running of the charity from the daily care, cleaning and feeding of the animals, website, newsletter, emails, bookkeeping, event and fundraising.

Tina Chapman

Tina Chapman's passion for animal welfare has run throughout her life and remains a huge influence on her life and work. Her passion and enthusiasm has always been a great help to the Chancepixies work. 

Kathleen Cottingham

Kathleen Cottingham co-founded the Mark Group in 1974 in Leicester, England with her husband John and the company grew to become a world leader in energy saving solutions. Having had Chancepixies Dobermann since the 1990s. Kathleen has been a strong supporter of the charity for many years. 

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