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As well as the charity and campaigning, David also runs a small and successful dog training business.

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"David is quite unique. He has a quiet and gentle approach to training. He can build a relationship with a dog that allows both it and the handler to develop confidence and reach superb levels of ability. David has helped us with our dogs over many years and I feel that he is, without doubt, the most knowledgeable and capable dog trainer I have known"

Barry S

"David helped me a few years ago with my Rottweiler Dylan. I had tried a few other dog trainers before meeting David all of whom had written off Dylan as being a liability. Dylan showed aggression toward other dogs and my confidence in handling him had hit rock bottom. David was quick to identify that Dylan's aggression was based on fear and my lack of confidence was fuelling his behaviour. Using his exceptional skills in dog handling and his calm but assertive approach David completely transformed both me and Dylan within a few weeks. He literally was a life saver for Dylan as so many other people had given up on him."


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