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In 2015, having been generously donated the sole use of 14 acres of undisturbed, ancient woodland (dating back pre 1600's) that adjoins the existing site, Chancepixies have taken the opportunity to support and explore native British breeds and wildlife.

A small flock of Soay Sheep, a primitive native breed of sheep, that are listed as 'at risk' on the rare breeds list of Native British Breeds, have been sourced in order to naturally manage the Chancepixies site that slops steeply in places and is difficult to manage and keep in use with modern machinery.

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Screenshot 2019-09-23 at 20.41.01.png

In addition, two Dales mares were purchased in 2015, these are a sure footed, strong, attractive and hardy breed, who despite their many attributes have found themselves on the 'critical list' and are reported to have less numbers worldwide than the Giant Panda .  These two girls - Maya and Flicka - will be sympathetically trained to work in the woodlands using the traditional art of 'horse logging', a method of low environmental impact timber extraction.  Using horse power in order to regenerate the woodland, protect tradition and the environment.

A harness for the ponies was purchased in 2018, Flicka has taken to it well and we are very close to getting her working in the woods.  Maya is not as sure of the harness so although making progress, she may not be suitable for logging.  The sheep are all doing well, they are a fantastic land management team.

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