We Are Working To Stop Councils From Licensing Puppy Farms


As highlighted on Panorama on 16th May 2016, the welfare issues faced by dogs in commercial breeding establishments is immense.  Yet if existing animal welfare legislation was properly used by the licensing authorities these establishments would notbe able to exist.


The key issue is that local authorities have control of dog breeding in their areas. They have the power to grant or refuse dog breeding licences and to set out conditions attached to licences. The dogs which are kept as ‘breeding stock’ by the puppy farm are living out their lives in unsuitable conditions, producing litter after litter, year on year – they could produce upwards of 1,200 puppies each year – many of which will succumb to diseases and conditions which cause immense suffering.

In March 2016 Chancepixies filed for Judicial Review against North Kesteven District Council for continuing to license Little Rascals puppy farm who were clearly in breech of the Animal Welfare Act.  We were the first charity to test the Animal Welfare Act in this respect (after 10 years in existence). Our hope was to set a precedence to councils and raise the profile of ill-issued licenses.

Both of the licenses issued to Little Rascals in 2016 (one in January and a further one in June) were found to be unlawful by Mr Justice Edis of The Royal Courts of Justice.  Both licences quashed on 18th October 2016.

Again, a new license was issued to Little Rascals by North Kesteven District Council and we followed this up with a second Judicial Review filed in December 2016.

In May 2017, we had permission for our second Judicial Review granted but at a hearing at The Royal Courts of Justice on 5th and 6th July that year, our judgement was deferred.

Devastatingly, on 26th July 2017,  Judge Mr Justice Garnham ruled against Chancepixies, leaving dogs held in puppy farms unprotected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006

On 16th August 2017, the time for us to appeal the ruling ran out as we were unable to raise required funds to continue

We know that in 2019, the RSPCA raided Little Rascals and many dogs were removed


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