Key figures

Aims & Objectives

• For the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals.
• To promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for animals which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals and promoting the benefits of companionship between people and animals



After watching our 'Why Me?' video Christine Nichols was prompted to write the following, thank you Christine for this poignant poem.

Why Me ?

Why breed from me without learning what is involved
Why have my babies without making trying to make sure

that we will all live long and healthy lives... See more
Can you take my children back if things go wrong
Why breed from me without thinking it through?

Why let me mate that bitch
Do her owners care that her hips hurt every time she moves
just like her father's did
Are you going to care for my offspring more than you do for me
Why do you think more of the money you get than you do of me?

Why get me then ignore me
Why get me then not make the effort to teach me what you want from me
Do you not know I am willing to please if you just take the time
Why get me then throw me away?

Why am I locked behind these bars
In this small space with no company
Will you be the person who will love and care for me
Why you? Because I will repay you with boundless love for the rest of my life
© Christine Nichols 16.07.10

Help us reduce the amount of un-wanted dogs that are dumped, abused and abandoned in this country.

We believe that the way forward to stop the pain and suffering is to unite the general public, rescues, breeders and owners and to promote responsible breeding and ownership through ‘fit for breeding' tests in the UK.
We have a love and a passion for dogs and we will work alongside other organisations, enthusiasts, breeders, professionals and the general public, to educate owners, reduce rescue, reduce irresponsible breeders, put an end to puppy farming and reduce the number of dogs that are being needlessly destroyed in the UK!

To help us save these dogs from being abandoned and abused, please support our cause by becoming a Member


Chancepixies Animal Rescue - Reg Charity No: 1129742.


On 20th May 2009, Chancepixies Animal Rescue was registered as a National Charity!


Traditionally, rescues and breeders have been opposed to each other, but to truly make a difference to dogs in this country, this needs to change. Our involvement in all aspects has led us to realise that with these measures that we propose in place, we will be unique in treating the cause rather than just the symptoms of the problem.

The neutering schemes that have been adopted by most animal charities, along with the legal responsibility of councils to employ dog wardens to remove straying dogs from our streets, has dramatically reduced the amount of un-wanted and un-planned litters, as such we estimate that at least 90% of litters in this country are planned and could therefore be controlled.

However, many rescue centres are at crisis levels and overflowing with un-wanted and abandoned dogs.

This is largely due to irresponsible breeders and puppy farmers who have realised that by tapping into the pedigree dog market, they can make money, these breeders do not take on the responsibility that should come with taking the decision to bring a litter of puppies into the world, and when things go wrong, it is the rescue centres and local authorities that are left to pick up the pieces.

There are about 1,000 dogs a week being needlessly destroyed in this country. This is something that Chancepixies Animal Rescue are looking to reduce. But to do this we need people like you to offer their support and by donating to our cause. The more you help, the stronger we are, and the more animals we can save.

Unlike some other countries, we do not have any form of fit for breeding test in the UK and this is resulting in too many dogs being bred, with huge numbers being put in rescue and being destroyed every year. With identification, conformation, health and character and the breeds themselves being at risk through irresponsible breeders and owners.
Chancepixies Animal Rescue aim to work together with all those that truly care about dogs to ultimately reduce the amount of dogs in rescue by making breeders and owners more responsible, we believe that having such measures in place would reduce the amount of dogs being abandoned and abused.

Our ideals not only will halt the appalling level of neglect and disregard for dogs in this country, but will also help relieve many of the problems of ill-health in dogs that have been recently highlighted in the media.

It is our unique stand point not only from rescuing and re-homing these dogs, but also from a show, work, training, pet and breeding perspective that has put us in an ideal position to make a difference in the world of dogs in the UK and you can help us.

Key Figures


David Anderson:

David has been heavily involved with dogs and their care and wefare for many years. Having owned boarding kennels in the late 1980s and has been involved with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue and Dobermann Rescue, David took on a hands on role in the successful rehabilitation and rehoming of many dogs. David has had a strong interest in all breeds for many years and after purchasing the Bridledown site he saw for himself the amazing natures and even temperaments of the dogs that came in as strays. Having bought the kennels and continued the stray contracts to the councils and police stations, he soon saw the need for a professional and caring service, where these dogs could be cared for and given a second chance at finding new, permanent homes. This huge responsibility was taken on in the full knowledge, that no dog would be destroyed, unless in the opinion of a qualified veterinarian there was no other choice. With the communities help and support, David and his team hope to be able to continue to provide, and to improve on the ideals he set out to achieve, the idea that every dog deserves to live out their lives in safety and comfort.

David has owned, bred worked and most notably shown top quality Dobermann since 1980.
David has trained most breeds and is also a Championship show judge in the UK and has been invited, and fulfilled, judging appointments internationally.

David has also been involved in the training of dogs for many years, not only solving problems but also competing himself at the sport of Schutzhund/VPG having bred and/or handled 4 of the first 10 Dobermann ever to gain a full Schutzhund/VPG title in the UK as well as having taken six Dobermann through a BH, the German Obedience and Temperament test.

Heidi Anderson:

Heidi is often the first point of contact for those people who are looking to rehome a dog from us, a job that she does not take lightly, being well aware that the future health and happiness of the dogs that are rehomed through ChancepixiesAnimal Rescue, is a huge resonsibility. Heidi is passionate about the care and welfare of all animals.


Marie Clam (Sandra):

Employed in PAYE and has for many years had a keen interest in dogs, that has intensified since becoming involved with Chancepixies Animal Rescue and as a result has moved from Watford to Dover to become more involved.

Kirsty Hillen-Clarke

Holds a position in Senior management for a Residential Care home, a caring profession that has extended into animal welfare and the involvement in Chancepixies Animal Rescue.

Christine Nichols

An avid dog and animal enthusiast for many years with skills in dog training, photography and web design, her eye for detail will be an asset for Chancepixies Animal Rescue. Christine is a Freelance Photograher who has been involved with dogs since early childhood, and Dobermanns since 1986 with undocked Dobermanns since her first litter in 1988 as she was passionalty anti-docking and relieved to see its banning in recent years. She was breed health co-ordinator for some years and was set up the first vWD DNA testing clinics in UK which were later taken over by the Breed Council and then the KC, and was also the breed genealogist. She did a canine behaviourial course under the late John Fisher passing with a Distinction and spent a short time with Roger Mugford, has competed in Obedience competition with her Dobermanns in the past. She now has just two, the last of her home bred Kerioak girls and a lovely natured but very difficult rescue male - from us of course !

Tina Chapman


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